ANNA Northern New England Chapter 131

Register NOW for the 2015 Fall Renal Update

Posted almost 4 years ago by Jennifer Bussiere

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Hello Everyone,

Just a reminder that registration is now open for the 2015 Fall Renal Update. Brochures for this years event will NOT be mailed. Distribution of this event is being advertised via email, ANNA Connected, via IPRO newsletter and fax blast, through our new website, and with the help of all of you forwarding these correspondence to your managers and peers.

I do have a small handful of emails that returned to me as the addresses were difficult to decipher on last years registration form. My apologies. If you have colleagues that would like to receive our notifications, PLEASE provide them with the following link so they may be able to stay abreast to our latest events.

Take advantage of our on-line registration.
If you prefer, we are still accepting registration via mail. Please complete the registration form on the brochure and mail per usual fashion.

Thank you,

Jennifer Bussiere, RN CDN
Chapter 131 Secretary